Career Growth at Lingumi

"Career growth has been one of the things I've been most impressed with since joining Lingumi."
Sam Lansdale
Head of International Markets

Career Growth at Lingumi

We believe everyone should have chances to develop their skills, and so our leaders do all they can to provide everyone with the environment they need to prosper here. Here are some of the ways we do this:

Weekly reviews:

IC weekly review: We talk about our mental and physical well-being, our key learnings, our achievements and disappointments and our blockages.

Manager weekly review: We ask the above and also ask each manager to provide a short summary for each of their direct reports to ensure they're productive, happy, and growing.

Monthly behavioural progress checker:

We work with our managers in understanding the behaviours we need to improve to be a success at Lingumi.

A 2020 workshop we ran where we hired an actor to teach us the "Art of Communication and Story-Telling"

Our Benefits

At Lingumi, we truly believe in the development of our people. We work so hard for our customers that we heavily invest in our personal development and well-being.

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