Our Charitable

We really believe that Lingumi will change the world of tomorrow through the children of today. However, we are in a world where some children are going through really big challenges, more than we can support. Toby and Adit have often discussed creating a Lingumi charity 'fund' of sorts, where we use a % of our gross profits over time to support kids without the privilege of access to internet or smartphones, with their education and wellbeing. This is why we've decided to partner up with the Global Fund for Children. During our COVID19 campaign, we raised ~£20,000 to help support these children.

Some examples of how this money is being used:

Online School

We've helped pay for internet for 3 months so 20 girls in Kyrgyzstan can get 'online school' after their school closed.

Food and Medical Supplies

We've provided food and medical supplies for children with disabilities in a special school in Thailand


We've contributed to providing shelter to a group of orphans in Pakistan after their orphanage was forced to close.

Future Charity Work

We cannot wait to see the impact we have in the world through Lingumi and charities that we are deciding to partner up with!

"I'd describe our team as a bunch of genuine, friendly, authentic people who care deeply about what we do and who we do it for"
Adit Trivedi
Founder & COO of Lingumi

Lingumi Culture:

We are a team of big believers, people who love to dream big and think about how we can use our superpowers to change the world of tomorrow through the children of today.

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