"Even though we are all so different, we are all tied together by the same belief, that we can change the world of tomorrow through the children of today."
Adit Trivedi
Founder & COO of Lingumi

We are mission-driven

Everything we do at Lingumi is underpinned by our mission, and it's been like this since day one. We knew that our current system for educating children in foundational skills sets them up to fail and that something had to be done about it. We are a team of big believers, people who love to dream big and think about how we can use our superpowers to change the world of tomorrow through the children of today.

We are intellectually curious

We're a team who like to think really big, but explain and propose solutions to challenges in really simple ways. We trust each other to do our best work and come together to formulate great solutions to some of the major challenges our children and parents face. We don't see mistakes as failure, but as opportunities to learn and grow, and step out our comfort zones.

We are hard-working

When the going gets tough, our true colours show. We are a team that stick together, through the good times and bad, and when things get hard, we double down and unify as one team. We define hard work, not by the hours someone puts in, but by the quality of output in the hours they have committed to. We all work in a company we love and on areas of the business we want to work in, this make work feel like play and the hours just fly by.

We are authentic

We are a growing team spread across four cities, collectively speaking over eight languages and coming from all different walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. We have a deep care for each other and want to make sure that we all succeed. We are a team who feel comfortable bringing our whole-selves to work, and if we face any personal or professional stresses, we bring this to our managers and peers. In group discussions, we aren't afraid to speak our minds, challenging ethically, having honest and open conversation while giving and receiving consistent feedback to help better one another.

We are humble

We are a team that values emotional intelligence (EQ), the ability to admit our mistakes and be OK with however we are feeling. We often can't do things, or don't know the answer to a problem, and that's completely fine; we are honest and vulnerable enough to admit that and work hard with our colleagues to find a solution. We are a team who understand the true art of teamwork, and know that without our team members, we will never be able to create great solutions.

Our History

From the events leading up to sparking the idea behind Lingumi, to the journey of how we have designed and developed Lingumi as it stands today, learn all about the history of Lingumi.

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