Our Benefits

"Lots of my friends envy me working in this company!"
- Content and Community Associate, Taiwan

In-House Counsellor

We all have access to Mike, our in-house counsellor (~70% of the team see him to support and maintain our mental well-being).

Productivity and Wellness Budget

We have access to a productivity/wellness budget to invest into whatever we need to help us improve our productivity or wellness. Some spend it on gym memberships, running trainers, or whatever it is they believe will improve their productivity or wellness. At Lingumi, we are trusted by our leaders and co-workers to make the right decisions to spend it on what we believe will improve our productivity or wellness.

Personal Development

We provide multiple resources for personal development, whether that be through SkillShare, Masterclass or purchasing books from Amazon. This is something we purchase for the individual and will never stop anyone from learning whatever they want. Luckily one of the five pillars that we hire for is people being intellectually curious, which means that they range from books on child development to courses on authenticity and game design.

Lingumi Gear

We provide everyone with Lingumi gear, ranging from t-shirts, jumpers, water bottles, a thank you note from the founders, a brand new laptop and office supplies for their home (e.g. monitor, keyboard, mouse, desk, etc.).

Annual Retreat

We organise an annual retreat once a year - typically somewhere warm. In 2020, we planned to take everyone to Malaysia for a week, but this has been postponed till the end of the year due to COVID 19. In 2019, were in the UK, in sunny Wiltshire and in 2018 we were in Lisbon.
This is a chance for us as a team to get together and build strong personal relationships with each other, as we're based in four offices around the world, this is the one time we get to work together and work on a fun project. We can't reveal too much for our 2020 plans as we keep this a secret, but in 2018 we had a business brief from "Facey McFaceless" (and don't worry, we do some really fun activities during the week as well - it's not all just work!)