Customer Stories

Over 20,000 families in over 50 countries are playing and learning English with Lingumi

"Lingumi provides easy-to-understand animated vocabularies.Let my daughter love to speak English and look forward to playing it very much."

Wen and Ava (age 4)

"Surprised us by her growth"

"Angelina accumulates vocabulary and sense of language following Teacher Toby's clear, moderate tone and speed. When she first discovered that there was a video interactive game in Lingumi, she completed the video in one go. She was very fulfilled and also surprised us by her growth!"

琬茹 and Angelina (age 4)

"We've been using Lingumi for 18 months. Ben knows so much English and still has fun with his daily lessons, he plays 3-4 times per week. Awesome app."

Olga and Ben (age 3)

I really enjoy playing Lingumi with my child. We give her the freedom to play and choose what she wants to play. I am really proud and happy watching her when she learns to speak English naturally.

Dan and Yoshen (age 3)

The simple and interesting interface can quickly guide children to learn through play. Parents can join a co-learning group to get more interaction time with Teacher Toby. The payment plans make Lingumi affordable for parents. Thank you Lingumi for helping Lily learn how to speak English from scratch confidently.

Ada and Lily (age 4)

Both boys have been playing Lingumi for more than 9 months, and can use their English now when they meet children from America and the UK. They even met Toby, their 'teacher', which was so exciting for them!

Sandra M

Lingumi has become a very much beloved daily routine for him and he even starts to repeat complete sentences. His new favourite words are „deer“ and „monkey“ and when we left the house to go to Kindergarten this morning, he said "Bye, Daddy!" to Nik. I’m very proud!

Sarah K

I took the trial period with my daughter, and what can I say? It's totally fun. As an English teacher in elementary school, I am particularly pleased that the Lingumi team implements content suggestions quickly and productively.

Mirja and Emil