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Lingumi's culture is over-communication, supportive to each other and result-oriented. All of these factors make me feel a sense of belonging

- Growth Marketing Associate China

In a broad sense Lingumi culture is defined by it's people and our mission. We have a strong bond here and we feel like a big family who truly care for each other. Even though we all have different backgrounds we still seem to share the same sensibilities which i feel is quite unique. We use our mission (To provide the world's best teaching experience to pre school children all around the world through technology) and ensure each member of our team strive towards it. We all believe in our mission and aren't driven by money or recognition but love for our users and their education.

Lingumi is a great place to work because the work we do makes a real impact on children around the world. Alongside that we have leaders who care for you and push you to become better at what you do. We have great support and a real love for one another.

- Designer

Once you gain trust among people in the team, you will get help from your team who will also help you build your career for longterm.

- Market Manager

Genuine, friendly, authentic people who care deeply about what we do and who we do it for, but also care about honest, open feedback and results, and know how to chase goals without losing our spirit and positivity

- CEO & Co-founder

Lingumi has a very supportive culture, everyone is friendly and happy to help out if they can. It's great to work with such a talented and driven group of people.

- Designer

It's still early days for me here, so difficult to say anything too definite, but I think that the combination of meritocracy (hierarchy is not imposed but earned) and candor (people can express their opinions openly, no hidden agendas) is and will remain key to Lingumi's success. Crucially, it's all about the mission and team, and not about the I -- great companies are built on the sum of the collective actions of all employees.

- Finance Team member

Trusting - we are given space to find our own working rhythms. This promotes, for me at least, an environment where I want to deliver to the highest standard. Hand in hand with trust comes individual responsibilities, and space to excel.

Purposeful - easy to think culture 'just happens' or that it's merely the product of 'fun people' working together. You could get a bunch of great close friends and still make a bad work environment. The company culture is closely curated and is always being developed and improved upon.

Versatile - a great company culture can take the extra strain. Bad cultures would never survive the combination of a global health pandemic along with a big expansion of staff! Our culture has survived both - and having a strong team spirit basically compounds itself by getting new hires excited and bought in straight away.

Also - we should never lose the focus on career growth and concern for mental health, the former really helping me focus pre-covid and the latter helping me now!

- Technical Designer

I really like the "trust" feeling from my manager and between colleagues who are very supportive too. And there is always lots of joy and positive energy when we deliver our products to the users. To be honest, lots of my friends envy me working in this company!

- Content and Community Associate

Lingumi is a place that encourages you to be great. The people are mission-focused and dedicated, and they aim to move as one towards achieving this mission.

- Head of Product

We are a world-class team spread across 4 cities around the world and come from all different walks of life - we collectively speak over 8 languages and some of us have mini Lingumi toddlers of our own. Even though we are all so different, we are all tied together by the same belief, that we can change the world of tomorrow through the children of today. Even though we're all hard-working and mission-driven, we're also genuine, friendly and authentic - celebrating each other in our wins and supporting each other in our improvements. Whichever way it goes, we are all determined to achieve great results in a positive manner. However, we're not all yes people. We are people who believe in challenging ethically, having honest and open conversations, and giving and receiving consistent feedback to help better one another.

- COO & Co-founder

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