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The Lingumi Curriculum, built by our Head of Curriculum, Dr Dara Jokilehto PhD (Linguistics) teaches your child to speak and understand English, not just to repeat words or recognise letters.

It's a practical approach to language, based on the globally-recognised CEFR language learning framework. In each lesson, your child will work on language goals by playing fun, interactive learning games.

Dr Dara Jokilehto, PhD

The Goal Types


Following the Lingumi Curriculum, your child will learn to speak English, using fun voice games to practise words and phrases.


Your child will learn to understand the words and phrases they're hearing, not just to repeat things.


Grammar's hard for adults, but your child will absorb the structures of English naturally, by playing our Curriculum games.

How the Curriculum Works

As well as learning to recognising hundreds of words, your child will learn how to say and combine those words to speak and understand the language.

They'll also develop their English accent: 64% of children who follow the Lingumi Curriculum improve their English accent within 3 months.

We open one new lesson each day. As they progress through their lessons, your child will learn several goals at the same time. We divide our 'corpus' (a big list of words) into 'Word Sets' that contain about 25 words.

Your child will cover 1 new word set every 5-6 lessons. The word sets get more complex over time, but contain nouns, verb, adjectives, and important 'linking words' like 'and' or 'with'.

Most families play 3-4 lessons per week, so it takes about 2 weeks to finish a word set. We also repeat words from previous sets in future lessons, to let your child practise the words they've learned.

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The Goals