This is the Last Step!

To complete your participation just: Play a lesson with the Lingumi app!

To get your chance to WIN the Family Trip to London, prepare your child for a visit to London by playing a 10 minute English lesson with your child (age 2 to 6)! Don't worry, the first 5 lessons are free. If you're on a tablet or smartphone, click on the buttons below to download the app. If you're on your laptop, don't worry - you can find a copy of these instructions in your email inbox, or search for 'Lingumi' in the App Store or Play Store on your device.

Near the end of the Giveaway, if you completed the 1st Lesson, you will receive an email with your participation code! 📩In the meantime, feel free to message us at:

One lesson each day

Our daily lesson structure creates natural motivation for your child, while building a healthy screen-time habit. Each time they finish a lesson, they'll unlock a new one for the next day. To play their new lesson they'll need to wait until tomorrow - but they can always replay the games they've played so far, or use the App's practise section!

Playful learning games

Each lesson in the Lingumi app contains 5-6 fun games. We've got hundreds of individual games, with more built every month. From learning nouns from their everyday life, to learning adjectives, verbs, and how to combine them into phrases, you'll be amazed at how fast your child learns...although for them, it's just playing!

Speech Games

Recently, we’ve added lots more speaking games, now with pronunciation detection! Now your child can improve their accent and get positive feedback at the right time!