Feed Yum

Activity Five

Let's Play

Yum is hungry and needs your help choosing what food to eat.

Start by cutting along the solid lines of the Lingumi cube and food squares. Then begin making the Lingumi Cube (instructions below).

Once your Lingumi cube is complete, use the sound wall to play the words one by one, feeding Yum the matching food square. 

Continue feeding Yum until all the food has gone and Yum is nice and full.

Making a Lingumi Cube

1. Cut around the solid lines of body 1, 2, Legs and Arms, making slits for the arms and hair and cut out the character’s mouth.

2. Fold along all of the dotted lines.

3. Glue or tape tab 1 to side 1 (the top of the character’s head).

4. Glue or tape all the other tabs to their corresponding/adjacent sides.

5. Fold the arms in half and slot each one in either side of the cube.

6. Stick the grey tabs on the top of the legs to the grey squares on the bottom of the cube.

Sound Wall