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Why become a teacher?

Flexible and fully remote work
Have an impact on children's lives globally
Earn from the lessons you make
Teach the subject you love

How does it work?

Lingumi is a smart tutoring platform that empowers teachers to exponentially scale their teaching to children all around the world. Children have access to great teachers, like you, at a fraction of the cost. Watch this video to find out more.

Successful teachers

Teacher Hannah
English and Phonics Teacher
Teacher Yan
Chinese Teacher
Teacher Luke
English Teacher


What does Lingumi offer for teachers?
We offer a platform for teachers to create exciting and interactive learning experiences for children all round the world through the use of videos and games. Through our no-code tools, teachers can independently create their lessons, incorporating our interactive games and activities - giving children the best learning experience. We do our best to simplify the logistics and administration so you can focus on creating your lessons.

What subject should I teach?
We encourage you to teach lessons on subjects you are passionate about and experienced with, and ideally that you have taught before. The games and activities on our platform are currently suited to children aged 2-11 so we welcome teachers with a focus on this age group.

Who can teach?
Lingumi does not require formal teaching credentials. Lingumi’s teaching experience is not your typical classroom so a top teacher in the context of Lingumi, will be different to that of a classroom. Skills like classroom and behaviour management are redundant but skills like stage presence, creativity, likeability and communication style are key. The success of our current teachers has not only been based on their subject knowledge but also their individual personality traits and quirks that enables them to inject joy, uniqueness and creativity into their lessons and captures the attention and imagination of Lingumi kids. As teachers will need to film videos for their lesson, it will be helpful if you have filming and editing experience but this is not essential.

How do I get paid?
You'll be paid per batch of five lessons you create and you will be paid on a monthly basis. Teachers will be eligible for bonuses that are linked to the performance of their lessons over time. As lessons are not live, you can create a lesson and then continue to earn from it over time as children learn and benefit from it!

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