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Lingumi helps kids ages 2-8 to begin learning to speak and read languages. Over 1,000,000 children have begun learning to speak and read English and more with the Lingumi app

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"Lingumi is an expert-approved app for developing children's language skills."
Toby Mather
Founder & CEO of Lingumi
"I am proud to be chair of Lingumi because I believe that all children deserve the opportunity to learn from brilliant teachers, safely, affordably and with delight"
Michael O’Sullivan
Former CEO, Cambridge Assessment International Education

What parents are
saying about Lingumi

Happy learning is just that simple 🥳, after school at any time, just open Lingumi. In each session, you can master a pronunciation, and it's a comprehensive lesson that includes writing, speaking, blending, and spelling. The most important thing is that the teacher encourages children to speak out every sound, so it's never boring. Children learn happily.
Hong Kong
With Lingumi, even 2-year-old children who have just started speaking can begin learning English. With Lingumi, children who have had no exposure to English can effortlessly establish a strong foundation. With Lingumi, children will proactively express their desire to learn English, without needing constant reminders from their parents. With Lingumi, surprisingly, children eat more and tidy up their toys quickly. With Lingumi, parents gain a small block of free time every day, making parenting more relaxed.
If I were to recommend a product that is easy for children to follow and suitable for English beginners, my top choice would be Lingumi. By unlocking only one new lesson per day, it allows mothers to establish a clear agreement with their children from the beginning that they will only play one new lesson each day. By consistently following this routine, children will quickly learn the rules of Lingumi.
Learn new words and phrases

Each lesson contains learning activities where you and your child can learn and practise new words, sentences, and grammar structures with interactive activities.

Practise Pronunciation

In each lesson, your child can practise and improve their pronunciation using fun tasks that connect to our specialised child speech detection system.


Don’t worry - every child is different. Many children skip the speaking tasks at the beginning, and return to them later as they build their confidence.

Lesson report card

Keep up to date with what your child is learning with an end of lesson report card, where you can track how many words and phrases your child has learned and spoken.

Share with your friends

Lingumi makes it easy to share your child’s progress with your friends and family. You can easily add a friend inside the app for your children to become classmates. Alternatively you can share Lingumi moments across social media or private messages.

"Paolo and her sister have been using Lingumi for only eight weeks and they can already pronounce complex English vocabulary."
Paolo's Mom and Paolo (age 3)

For iOS & Android

The Lingumi app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Play it on your device today, and synchronise progress between several devices whenever you switch.

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