English Foundations

With Teacher Toby

Kids aged 2-4 can begin learning to speak English confidently with Teacher Toby, from single words, towards advanced phrases and grammar. You'll be amazed how fast your child begins speaking!

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What you will learn

Explore the words and phrases your child will learn by tapping on each topic. Listen to the British English pronunciation of the words within each topic to help you and your child practise speaking the English words and phrases your child will learn during their daily lessons.

Focused on speaking skills

The 'Speak English' course with Teacher Toby is focused on speaking skills, taught by Teacher Toby, an experienced English teacher and Oxford University linguist. From their first words, to building phrases, your child will progress through interactive games and playful speaking tasks, building a vocabulary of over 300 words, and speaking over 200 unique words and phrases during the course to build their confidence and develop their accent.

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English Adventures

with Teacher Hannah and Teacher Luke

Designed for beginners ages 4-8, English Basics is an immersive, conversational pack of 40 lessons with Teachers Hannah and Luke. Designed to teach your child situational English speaking skills, they'll learn to speak English with trips to the Zoo, Under the Sea, and other fun trips.

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