Working at Lingumi

Our Story and Culture

Our Mission

At Lingumi, our mission is to provide the world's best teaching experience to pre-school children all around the world through technology. To help us get there, we are looking for individuals to join our team who share our mission, and will add to our culture.

We are becoming the go-to platform for parents who want their child to grow, learn, experience joy, and build a foundation in the critical skills they need to succeed in a globalised world. What is more, we're doing it faster, more playfully, and at a fraction of the cost of any other learning method or teaching platform.


We are a team of big believers, people who love to dream big and think about how we can use our superpowers to change the world of tomorrow through the children of today.

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Our History

From the events leading up to sparking the idea behind Lingumi, to the journey of how we have designed and developed Lingumi as it stands today, learn all about the history of Lingumi.

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Our Way of Working

Take a look at the processes and guidelines Lingumi has in place to help create a productive and creative environment to allow our team to work to the best of their abilities.

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Career Growth

We believe everyone should have chances to develop their skills, and so our leaders do all they can to provide everyone with the environment they need to prosper here

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Our Benefits

At Lingumi, we truly believe in the development of our people. We work so hard for our customers that we heavily invest in our personal development and well-being

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Team Insights

Find out what the Lingumi team has to say about the way we work, the culture and working environment we have created and the opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

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At Lingumi, we believe diversity and inclusion cannot be retrofitted to reap it’s full rewards, but stems from it’s history! Our founders come from different walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds and it forms part of our DNA. We have ensured we have hired people from different races, colours, religions, sex, gender identity, age, marital status and disability status. We want to make sure we continue hiring for diversity and inclusion so please apply to Lingumi no matter who you are or where you come from!