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The characters and patterns used by Lingumi are so cute and the colours attract children's attention. Lingumi are very good in graphical design. My child can easily operate the app by himself and the more he plays the more confident he feels.
Jessie and Thomas (age 5)
My child recently took a lesson of phonics, and to my surprise, she was able to look at words without any pictures, try to sound them out, and then tell me what the word was. I'm truly amazed by this progress, and I'm grateful to Lingumi for enabling us to make such remarkable progress in just two years!
My child is gradually attempting to read the English words they see. Although their accuracy is not yet high, I can truly see the change in my child.
After trying it for seven days, the child speaks English naturally just like magic,without any pressure.
When I first encountered Lingumi, I was amazed. In just 15 minutes, the children's engagement was exceptionally high.
At the beginning, she couldn't speak complete sentences and was afraid of making mistakes or not speaking well, so she hesitated to speak. However, as she gradually became more familiar with the language, she started to love speaking and would even speak along with the teacher.

“Ben knows so much English”

"We've been using Lingumi for 18 months. Ben knows so much English and still has fun with his daily lessons, he plays 3-4 times per week. Awesome app."

Olga and Ben (age 3)
The spoken voice recording function records children's joyful learning moments.
If I were to recommend a product that is easy for children to follow and suitable for English beginners, my top choice would be Lingumi. By unlocking only one new lesson per day, it allows mothers to establish a clear agreement with their children from the beginning that they will only play one new lesson each day. By consistently following this routine, children will quickly learn the rules of Lingumi.
With Lingumi, even 2-year-old children who have just started speaking can begin learning English. With Lingumi, children who have had no exposure to English can effortlessly establish a strong foundation. With Lingumi, children will proactively express their desire to learn English, without needing constant reminders from their parents. With Lingumi, surprisingly, children eat more and tidy up their toys quickly. With Lingumi, parents gain a small block of free time every day, making parenting more relaxed.
Happy learning is just that simple 🥳, after school at any time, just open Lingumi. In each session, you can master a pronunciation, and it's a comprehensive lesson that includes writing, speaking, blending, and spelling. The most important thing is that the teacher encourages children to speak out every sound, so it's never boring. Children learn happily.
Hong Kong
Every day, she takes the initiative to use the Lingumi app for learning. Witnessing her happy, enjoyable, and relaxed English learning experience brings great joy. Celine spends about 15 minutes each day, and now she can keep up with Teacher Hannah's instructions ✨. She can fully communicate with adults in English.
Hong Kong
Kid can take classes anytime, anywhere, and each session is only 15 minutes long ⏱️. With 400 lessons available for unlimited review within a year, even during our previous travels, learning won't be interrupted! It's a great opportunity to make use of fragmented time and turn it into progress!
Hong Kong
Lingumi is indeed a convenient and wonderful learning companion for both my almost two-year-old brother who is babbling and my nearly four-year-old sister. With a single account, we can switch between different children for learning and playing. The best part is that Lingumi allows unlimited device installations, which makes it even more convenient for our family.

“My daughter loves to speak English with Lingumi”

"Lingumi provides easy-to-understand animated vocabularies.Let my daughter love to speak English and look forward to playing it very much."

Wen and Ava (age 4)
The spoken voice recording function records children's joyful learning moments.

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