About the Story & Team Behind Lingumi

Learn more about the people and the story behind Lingumi.

How did Lingumi begin?

The idea for Lingumi started 5 years ago.

"Working as an English teacher, parents often asked me, 'what can I do at home with the little one?'"

I studied Modern Languages at Oxford, and am passionate about learning, and teaching, languages. From when I was a toddler, I wanted to be able to communicate with people from around the world.

Working as an English teacher in Russia and Italy, I saw how hard children found it to begin English at 6 or 7 years old, in a group of 20-30. I had learned from my academic advisors that the best time to begin learning a second language is in early childhood, before the brain loses its amazing, absorbent ability to learn languages.
You can read the full story in my blog post.

Designed in the UK by teachers, linguists, designers and developers.

The Lingumi App & Our Method are based on a combination of practical English teaching experience, and research from academics and experts from top universities, like Oxford. Our team, based in London and Cardiff, combines all of this research into the products that thousands of families love using to play and learn.

Meet the team

We're a global team, proudly working from the UK.

Founder & CEO

Toby studied modern languages at Oxford University, before becoming an English teacher for children in Russia & Italy

Founder & CTO

Adit studied Computer Science at UCL, and is in charge of developing the technology behind Lingumi’s learning activities

Creative Lead

Carol has been designing children’s games & TV for 10 years. She’s in charge of the design and creative development of Lingumi’s products, and is the mother of Lottie

Software Engineer

Ken studied Computer Science at Cambridge, and loves music. He plays violin, viola, guitar, piano, and drums


Jason studied Computer Game Design at The University of South Wales, and designs content & learning interfaces for Lingumi’s apps

Marketing Lead

Stefan studied Business at Munich University of Applied Sciences, and is in charge of marketing and business growth at Lingumi

Game & Visual Designer

Laura studied Illustration at The University of Wolverhampton, has illustrated children's picture books, and creates beautiful products and games at Lingumi

Marketing Lead - Asia

Rosemarie studied Innovation & Technology Management in Chengchi University in Taipei, and is in charge of Lingumi's marketing in Asia

Community Manager-Asia

Ashley speaks several languages and has years of child education experience. She is a mother of one and lives with her family in Berlin. She's in charge of community support management for the Asia Pacific market.

Our Headquarters:
London & Cardiff, UK