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Thanks for visiting Lingumi.com. This page sets out the terms and conditions on which we provide our users (“you”) with access to our website (which we’ll refer to as our “Site”) and to our membership services, Club Lingumi (which we’ll refer to as the “Membership”).

Summary of Key Information

  1. This policy governs the services and products we provide to you. To read our Privacy Policy, governing how we collect and handle your data, please navigate to our Privacy Policy on our site or in the App.
  2. Registration to Lingumi involves signing up on our Site or App for an account. Registration is free, but may involve the purchase of a Membership.
  3. Memberships are to our digital service, Club Lingumi, and are paid on a subscription model.
  4. Membership to Club Lingumi is digital, and does not involve or guarantee the provision of any physical products.
  5. Physical products are available from time to time for purchase separately on our shop, but are not necessary as part of the provision, or use, of Club Lingumi.
  6. Cancellation is possible, and we endeavour to make it easy. You can cancel in several places, including in our App or by Email. Full details are included below, and may be included in the ‘Help’ area of our Site.
  7. Pricing varies by location and time of purchase, and full pricing information can be found on our Site during the Membership purchase process, or in our App.
  8. We do not handle your payment information ourselves. Rather, it is handled by third-party secure payment processors.
  9. You can contact us at any time for clarification of our terms. We endeavour to respond promptly and accurately to all information requests.
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These are the key points in this set of terms, but are not complete, so do read the full terms too. These explain how we name our products, app, and website, and approximately what each of them is for.

How the Terms Work

  1. Most of these Terms of Service apply to anyone using our Site, whether they are just browsing or whether they are a registered member. However, certain provisions of them are specific to our members (in particular sections 3-8, 10, and 14).
  2. In addition, there are a few sets of terms and conditions of which you should be aware. Our terms and conditions include the following:
  3. These Terms of Service;
  4. the Privacy and Cookie Policy: this policy describes the personal data which we may collect from users of our Site and explains how we may use it. It also describes how our Site makes use of cookies; and
  5. the Licence Terms: if you download our Lingumi apps for iOS or Android then your installation and use of that app will be governed by certain end-user licence terms.
  6. In general, these will be the standard licence terms applicable to apps distributed through the iTunes Store or Google Play, which you can find within Apple or Google’s terms of service. We may however introduce or update our own customised licence terms from time to time – if we do, you will be asked to accept these when opening the app.
  7. For ease of reference, we’ll call all of the terms which apply to you collectively as the “Terms”. By using our Site or our Services you are agreeing to the applicable Terms.
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These are the 'Terms and Conditions' of our services and products, but we also have a Privacy Policy, which explains how we collect and use your personal data. You can read that by following the link in the main clause. Apple and Google, who offer our app, also have their own policies which are not covered by this one.

Who we Are

  1. We are Lingumi Ltd, a company registered in the United Kingdom with registration number 09864212 whose registered office address is at 33 Chapelside, Moscow Road, London, United Kingdom W24LL.
  2. Our VAT number is GB242837402. In all of our Terms “we” and “ us” means Lingumi Ltd.
  3. If you wish to contact us, you can email us at support@lingumi.com or contact us using the contact form or button on our website, or in the app.
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We're real people, and our company is based in the UK. Our office address is not here, but you can find us in real life if you need to.

Registrations, Membership & Using Lingumi

  1. Registration, Membership, and Ordering
  2. You can register with Lingumi at lingumi.com. To register you will be asked to enter your email and name, and to set a password.
  3. You may be asked to select a payment method and provide relevant payment details. You may be required to make payment through the Site or App at the same time as creating your registration.
  4. A registration without providing payment information may or may not constitute a Membership to Club Lingumi, but does in every case constitute a registration with Lingumi.
  5. Any registration involving payment or authorisation of payment information is considered a Membership to Club Lingumi.
  6. To distinguish, we will refer to registrations without payment information as a “Registration”, and registrations with payment information as “Membership”.
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A 'Registration' is free, and is different from a 'Membership' which is (usually) paid. The best way to know if you are a 'Member' is to think about whether you've paid us, or put in your payment information, on our site or in our app. Then you're probably a Member.

Information you provide & Acceptance of Orders

  1. By registering or placing an order for Membership you are confirming that you are over the age of 18 and capable of entering into binding contracts. You also confirm that all information you provide to us is complete and accurate.
  2. Our acceptance of your order will take place when you place an order on our website and reach a confirmatory or welcome page following a payment initiation, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us on these Terms in relation to your Registration and Membership. If we are unable or decide not to accept your order, we will inform you of this by email and will not charge you (and will return any payment already received from you). For example, this might be because our payment processor could not correctly process your chosen means of payment.
In short...

You need to be an adult to sign up with Lingumi. If you sign up, we will almost always 'accept' the order, but, if we don't for any reason, we'll let you know by email.

How Registration & Membership Works

  1. “Registration” constitutes creating an account on the Lingumi Site or Club Lingumi app, and may or may not include a membership. Depending on your geography, time period of registration, and individual arrangements made between Lingumi and you, a Registration may or may not involve a limited period of paid or free access to any of our products and services.
  2. “Membership” constitutes a paid membership of our digital service, ‘Club Lingumi’, which is a subscription-based e-learning platform.
  3. All Memberships to Club Lingumi, our digital service, are 'digital' in nature.
  4. No delivery or provision of physical products is included in Memberships.
In short...

More about Registration vs Membership. Memberships are 'digital' and don't involve or include any physical products.

Membership Options and Payment

  1. Your Membership subscription can be monthly, quarterly or annual. You can select the relevant Membership option when placing your order. In each case your Membership will continue for the relevant fixed term and will renew automatically at the end of that fixed term for another fixed term unless cancelled by you. You will be required to pay the applicable Membership fee in advance of each subscription period (see the section headed “Pricing and Payment” below).
  2. Some Memberships include a “Trial Membership” in which payment is authorised, but not taken, until the conclusion of the trial period.
  3. Cancellation (or initiation of cancellation) of Trial or regular Membership is the job of the user, and not the company. Cancellation details can be found below, see “Cancellation”.
In short...

There are various ways to pay for Memberships, which sometimes include a trial period, but not always. Cancellation is possible, and details about it are further down this page.

Buying products from our Shop

  1. Separate to Registration and Membership, we do from time to time offer products to purchase individually from our Shop, or through partner e-commerce or offline retailers. Terms governing these purchases are separate from the terms governing Registration and Membership.
  2. Where a purchase is made directly from Lingumi’s Shop, we will deliver under the terms specified on the product page or during checkout.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, Registration and Membership to Club Lingumi do not in any way constitute a guarantee to the provision of products from our Shop, nor do product purchases in our Shop guarantee provision of Registration or Membership to Club Lingumi unless where explicitly stated.
In short...

We have an online shop where we sell physical products. You can buy those too, but they're not connected to your membership.

Account Security

  1. You must keep your login and password confidential and are responsible for its security. We may disable or suspend your Membership if we believe your account has been accessed by a third party or has been used other than in compliance with these Terms. If you know or suspect that anyone other than you knows your login details or has accessed your account, please contact us at support@lingumi.com.
In short...

Don't forget your password, or give it out to anyone. If you do, contact us.


  1. The prices for Membership will be set out on our Site, and will vary depending on whether your Membership is paid monthly, quarterly or annually. You should check the prices reflect your Membership choice before placing your order.
  2. Pricing may vary by geography or time of membership purchase. The Company makes no guarantee to match, honour, or reflect historical pricing, nor pricing in other geographies, at any time.
In short...

Prices do change, and do vary. We can't guarantee that you'll get the same price as someone else in another country or who signed up at another time.

Processing Payments

  1. The first payment will be taken from you if you register for a Membership with Club Lingumi at the time that your Membership begins, or, if in a Trial Membership, at the expiry of your trial Membership.
  2. Where a Membership or Trial Membership is purchased on a platform other than our Site, payment information should be sought on said platform, of which Apple and Google’s app stores are the most prominent.
  3. The payment that you make when placing an order is a payment made through our nominated payment processing service providers, PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (“PayPal”), Billwerk GmbH (“Billwerk”), Stripe Inc., GoCardless Ltd., or Heidelpay Payment GmbH (“Heidelpay”). You can make payment by most major debit or credit cards, and in particular any Visa, or MasterCard card. We will not receive your credit or debit card information as this is processed by our payment processing service provider. Payments may also be made through Apple and Google’s App Store or Play Store platforms.
  4. You can read the Privacy and Cookie Policy on the Site for further information. We reserve the right to decline any transaction or our payment processing service provider to reverse any transaction (for example, to prevent money laundering or fraud). If your payment is not received by us for this reason or for any other reason then your order will not be accepted or, as applicable, your Membership will not renew.
  5. (Where using PayPal) The terms on which PayPal provides payment processing services, which govern your use of your PayPal account, how funds are relayed to you, any applicable processing fees and other important issues, are all set out in your contract with PayPal based on PayPal’s standard terms. We are not responsible for PayPal’s performance or for any dispute between you and PayPal.
  6. Although Membership options may be listed in UK pounds sterling or euros, you may pay in any currency. The conversion rate applied will be determined by our nominated payment processing service provider.
  7. Unless otherwise provided in the listing, all prices are inclusive of VAT. It will not necessarily be made clear to you at the time of taking payment whether you are paying VAT and, if so, how much, but we will endeavour to display this information where possible.
In short...

We don't handle your payment information. It's handled by secure payment processors like PayPal, or one of several others depending on your choice of payment method. We do charge VAT which is included in the price, and you'll probably be able to pay in your own currency.


  1. Your Consumer Rights.
  2. Under the UK’s Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (the “Regulations”), and equivalent local laws in many European countries, consumers have certain rights to cancel contracts concluded at a distance. The contract between you and us for Membership is such a contract and you have the right to cancel it within fourteen (14) days after the date the contract is concluded – i.e. the date on which we accept your order for Membership (the “Cancellation Period”). For example, if we accept your order on 1 March, you may cancel any time before the end of 15 March. Because our services are subscription-based, they will be made available to you immediately on formation of the contract and during the Cancellation Period. Any 'Trial' period given is included in the Cancellation Period.
  3. How to Cancel During the Cancellation Period.
  4. We endeavour to make it easy for members to cancel. Cancellation options for members can be found inside their account settings inside the App, or on the ‘Help’ section of our website, where available.
  5. You may also cancel your order by notifying us at support@lingumi.com before the end of the Cancellation Period. You do not have to give us any reason for your cancellation, but should inform us that you are exercising your right to cancel by a clear statement. We reserve the right to respond within 48 hours, but will endeavour to refund any amount charged where a cancellation is made more than 48 hours before a charge is made, and a response is not sent to you by the Company in time, and where a refund is requested by you.
  6. The Regulations require us to provide the following model cancellation form to you, which you may print or copy and complete, but you do not have to use the model form.
  7. Dear Lingumi Team, Subject to your cancellation terms, I wish to cancel my Membership to Club Lingumi. My full name is: [INSERT YOUR NAME AS USED AT REGISTRATION], and the email address used for registration was [INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS USED AT REGISTRATION]. Please write to confirm when cancellation has taken place. Yours Faithfully, [YOUR NAME]
  8. We reserve the right to ask for further information to assist in completing the cancellation where we are unable to find, using the information you have provided, your account in our database or billing systems.
  9. We will accept cancellations in English, German, French, Italian, or Chinese (simplified or traditional), clearly stating the name under which you registered, and your Lingumi account email address.
  10. Refund on Cancellation during the Cancellation Period.
  11. Where requested and within the cancellation period, we will make refunds without undue delay, and not later than fourteen (14) days after the date on which you inform us of your cancellation. We will make the refund using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction and will not charge you any additional fees for making the reimbursement.
In short...

You have the right to cancel, and we try to make it easy. You can do it in the app, or by contacting us directly. If you do it soon enough, we'll also refund any money you've paid us - read the terms for the full details on this.

Our respective obligations

  1. We will provide the functions and services of our Site and of Club Lingumi Membership to you in accordance with the relevant Terms. Some of these functions and services will only be available to our registered members.
  2. Our obligations:
  3. We will provide the functions and services of our Site and of Club Lingumi Membership to you in accordance with the relevant Terms. Some of these functions and services will only be available to our registered members.
  4. Your obligations:
  5. These general obligations and provisions that will apply to all users of our Site and to all of our members:you confirm that you are authorised to contract with us on the relevant Terms, and to conduct any activities which you may conduct through your account;you may only use our Site or Membership for lawful purposes. You may not use it in any way that breaches any local or international law, for the purposes of fraud, or to transmit unsolicited advertising or spam;any information you submit at any time (whether registering for an account with us, uploading designs or otherwise) must be true and not misleading;you must not misuse our Site by introducing viruses or other malicious code to it or to our systems, nor try to gain unauthorised access to it or them, to any related systems or servers or to any related source code. You must not attack our Site through DDOS or otherwise. As you probably know, breaching this provision would be a criminal act, which may oblige us to report you to law enforcement and provide them with such information as we may have about you.We will use any personal data which you provide to us in accordance with our Privacy and Cookie Policy.Termination by us:If you are in breach of the Terms, we may take any of the following actions:issuing you with a written warning specifying the breach and requiring its remedy;suspension or permanent withdrawal of your Membership account and your use of our Site, and/or termination of any contract between you and us on the Terms;taking legal action against you; ordisclosing your personal information to law enforcement authorities.Effect of Termination:Termination of the contract between you and us will not affect any rights or remedies of the parties in existence at the time of termination. For instance, if at the time of termination one of us owes the other any sums, then they will still be owed.
In short...

We agree to give you access to our Site, App, and services. You agree not to hack us, steal from us, or otherwise mess us around. If you do, we will terminate the agreement between us, and no longer be friends.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Rights in our content
  2. The intellectual property rights in all of the content on and in our Site, and in our Lingumi physical boxes and apps belong either to us or to whomever licensed that content to us. You agree that you won’t copy or make any use of it without having first obtained our permission or permission from whomever owns the relevant intellectual property rights. Uses which are expressly permitted by law (for instance, if you print off a copy of one of our web pages for your personal reference or photocopy our wall chart for your personal use) are OK.
  3. Otherwise, if you would like to make any use of any of our content (maybe you would like to tell others about Lingumi) then please contact us and we can discuss this with you.
In short...

Everything on our site, and in our app and physical products, is ours. You agree not to copy it or imitate it, and to contact us if you wish to use any of it.

Our Liability to You

  1. This Section explains the ways in which our liability to you is limited and excluded.
  2. Where We Don’t Limit or Exclude Our Liability
  3. We do not limit or exclude our liability for anything for which we cannot lawfully limit or exclude our liability. For example, we do not limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or for fraud. This statement takes priority over the rest of this Section and the rest of the Terms.
  4. No Implied Terms
  5. We provide access to our Site and Membership services on the provisions of the relevant Terms. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we expressly exclude any and all conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by statute, under common law, or otherwise.
  6. We’re at the Mercy of the Internet, OK?
  7. You understand that there is some inherent instability in communications networks and that we may need to take down or maintain the Site or any servers which underpin our Membership offering from time to time. For that reason, you accept that access to our Site, and to any features of our apps which require login and access to our servers, may be unavailable from time to time and we will not be liable if it is unavailable for any reason. At the same time, our Site and apps are provided “as is” and without any warranty. For example, while obviously we do our best to correct defects and while we use commercially-available virus-checking software, we do not warrant that our Site will be uninterrupted, free from errors, or free from viruses or malicious code.
  8. Third Parties
  9. We are not responsible or liable for the actions of third parties or your interactions with them. Third parties may include, for example, social media service providers, or the developers of any device or software which you use to access our Site.
  10. No Indirect or Consequential Loss
  11. We expressly exclude any liability for any indirect or consequential loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by you in connection with your use of our Site or your Membership. We are not liable for losses, damages, costs and expenses that are not foreseeable to both you and us at the time you open your account with us or which are not caused by our breach.
  12. No Liability for Certain Kinds of Loss
  13. We expressly exclude any liability for any loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by you (in each case whether direct or indirect) if that liability comes within one of the following categories: loss of business, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of data, loss of reputation, or loss of profit. In short, we are not liable for business losses.
  14. Cap on Liability
  15. Our total aggregate liability to you in connection with your Membership will be limited in all circumstances (whether arising in negligence, including tort, breach of contract or otherwise) and will not exceed the price paid by you to us for your Membership during the twelve (12) months prior to the event giving rise to our liability.
In short...

We can't make legal promises around everything that could go wrong in connection with Lingumi. For example, sometimes the internet breaks, and we aren't liable for that if it affects your ability to use our products and services. Where we are liable for something, we limit our liability in financial terms to the price paid for your Membership with us.


  1. If we are subject to any third-party claim as a result of your breach of any of your obligations under the Terms, or as a result of your negligence, misrepresentation or other wrongful act, then you will indemnify us against that claim. “Indemnifying us” means you will indemnify us and hold us harmless against all costs, expenses, losses, damages or liabilities suffered or incurred by us as a result of or in connection with that third-party claim, including (without limitation) any legal and professional fees. You also agree to provide us with all reasonable assistance and information we may request from you in order to enable us to defend and settle the claim and mitigate our (and your) liability.
In short...

If you breach these terms, and as a result, a third-party makes a claim against us, you agree to hold us 'harmless' against costs and losses that arise from that claim. You also agree to help us resolve the claim.

Disputes and Governing Law

  1. The Terms, and any contract between you and us on the Terms, are governed by the law of England and Wales unless otherwise provided.
  2. If any dispute arises between you and us in connection with your use of our Site or Services, then you and we will attempt to resolve that dispute through discussion. If we are unable to resolve the dispute by discussion, then unless otherwise provided the courts of England and Wales will have exclusion jurisdiction over any claim relating to your use of our Site or any connected contract. However, if you are not resident in England or Wales then we reserve the right to bring proceedings against you in any court in your country of residence.
In short...

The terms here are governed by the law of England and Wales, where we're from.


  1. You can link to our Site (we would love you to spread the word) provided that you do so in a way that is fair and legal. You can’t link to our Site in order to damage or take advantage of our reputation or to suggest any false form of association, endorsement or relationship between you and us. You may not embed or frame any part of our Site or any such content on any other site. If we ask you to stop linking to our Site then you must do so immediately.
  2. Our Site may contain links to various third party sites and resources. We have no control over these or over any service provided by those third parties. You use them at your own risk. In particular, where our Site integrates any third-party social media functions, then your use of those functions is governed by the applicable terms of the relevant social media provider (like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).
In short...

You can link to our site, as long as it's in a nice way and doesn't damage our reputation. There may be links on our site to other sites, but we can't guarantee what is on those sites, so navigate to them at your own risk.


  1. We may revise these Terms of Service (or any of our other terms) at any time. You should check our terms for changes from time to time, but if the revisions are material then we will notify you of them using the contact details you have provided to us or by messaging your account. By continuing to use our Site or Services you will be accepting our revised terms.
In short...

We might occasionally changes these terms. If we make a big change that affects you, we'll let you know by email.

General Legal Stuff

  1. Entire Agreement.
  2. Any contract between you and us constitutes the entire agreement between the parties in relation to its subject matter. Each party acknowledges that in entering into the contract it does not rely on any representation or warranty not set out in the Terms.
  3. Assignment.
  4. We may transfer our rights and obligations under our contract with you to another organisation. We will always tell you in writing if this happens.You may only transfer your rights or your obligations under your contract with us to another person if we agree to this in writing.
  5. Severance
  6. Each of the provisions of these Terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them (or any part-provision) are unlawful, the remaining provisions (or part-provisions) will remain in full force and effect.
  7. No Waivers.
  8. If we do not insist immediately that you do anything you are required to do under these Terms, or if we delay in taking steps against you in respect of your breach, that will not mean that you do not have to do those things and it will not prevent us taking steps against you at a later date.
  9. Third Party Rights.
  10. Except as expressly provided, a person who is not a party to any contract under any of the Terms shall not have any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any of them.
In short...

Legal stuff.

Contact Us

  1. If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding the Terms or any concerns about any material featured on our Site, please contact us at support@lingumi.com or use the “contact us” form or button on our Site.
In short...

You can contact us easily by email.

Zusammenfassung wichtiger Informationen

  1. Diese Richtlinie regelt die von uns angebotenen Dienstleistungen und Produkte. Um unsere Datenschutzrichtlinie zu lesen, die regelt, wie wir Ihre Daten erfassen und damit umgehen, gehen Sie bitte auf unsere Datenschutzrichtlinie auf unserer Website oder in der App.
  2. Die Registrierung bei Lingumi beinhaltet die Anmeldung eines Kontos auf unserer Website oder App. Die Registrierung ist kostenlos, kann aber auch den Erwerb einer Mitgliedschaft beinhalten.
  3. Die Mitgliedschaften sind für unseren digitalen Dienst, Club Lingumi, bestimmt und werden nach einem Abonnementmodell bezahlt.
  4. Die Mitgliedschaft im Club Lingumi ist digital und beinhaltet nicht die Bereitstellung von materiellen Produkten.
  5. Materielle Produkte sind gelegentlich erhältlich und können separat in unserem Shop erworben werden, sind aber nicht notwendig für die Bereitstellung oder Nutzung des Club Lingumi.
  6. Eine Stornierung ist möglich, und wir bemühen uns, Ihnen die Stornierung zu erleichtern. Sie können die Stornierung an mehreren Stellen vornehmen, unter anderem in unserer App oder per Email. Ausführliche Informationen sind unten aufgeführt und können im Bereich "Hilfe" auf unserer Website enthalten sein.
  7. Die Preise variieren je nach Ort und Zeitpunkt des Kaufs, und vollständige Preisinformationen finden Sie während des Mitgliedschaftskaufs auf unserer Website oder in unserer App.
  8. Wir verarbeiten Ihre Bezahlinformationen nicht selbst. Vielmehr werden sie von Drittanbietern mit sicheren Zahlungssystemen abgewickelt.
  9. Sie können sich jederzeit mit uns in Verbindung setzen, wenn Sie Fragen zu unseren Bedingungen haben. Wir bemühen uns, auf alle Anfragen schnell und präzise zu reagieren.

Riepilogo delle principali note informative

  1. La presente informativa disciplina i servizi e i prodotti forniti dall'Azienda. Per prendere visione dell'Informativa sulla privacy, che regola le modalità di raccolta e trattamento dei dati personali, si invita ad accedere all'Informativa sulla privacy nel sito internet o nell'applicazione.
  2. La registrazione a Lingumi comporta l'iscrizione, con un account, sul Sito o sull'Applicazione. La registrazione è gratuita, ma potrebbe comportare l'acquisto di un abbonamento.
  3. Gli abbonamenti sono al nostro servizio digitale (Club Lingumi) e si pagano secondo un piano abbonamento.
  4. L'abbonamento al Club Lingumi è digitale e non implica né garantisce la fornitura di alcun prodotto fisico.
  5. I prodotti fisici sono disponibili di volta in volta, per l'acquisto, separatamente nel nostro negozio, ma non sono necessariamente parte della fruizione o dell'utilizzo del Club Lingumi.
  6. L'annullamento è consentito e l'Azienda intende renderlo il più semplice possibile. Si può annullare tramite diversi canali, tra cui l'Applicazione o via posta elettronica. Si riportano, di seguito, tutte le informazioni dettagliate, che saranno altresì reperibili nella sezione "Assistenza" del Sito.
  7. Le tariffe variano in base alla località e al momento dell'acquisto; le informazioni sui prezzi sono visionabili nel Sito durante la procedura di acquisto o nell'Applicazione.
  8. L'Azienda non gestisce direttamente i dati di pagamento, ma  questi sono processati da terzi, elaboratori di pagamenti sicuri.
  9. L'Azienda è a disposizione, in qualsiasi momento,  per eventuali chiarimenti sulle proprie Condizioni e sarà sua cura rispondere prontamente ed in modo esauriente ad ogni richiesta di informazioni.

Ringkasan Informasi Penting

  1. Kebijakan ini mengatur layanan dan produk yang kami sediakan bagi Anda. Untuk membaca Kebijakan Privasi kami, yang mengatur bagaimana kami mengumpulkan dan menangani data Anda, silakan buka Kebijakan Privasi kami di situs kami atau di dalam Aplikasi.
  2. Pendaftaran ke Lingumi mencakup pendaftaran di Situs atau Aplikasi kami untuk mendapatkan sebuah akun. Pendaftaran ini gratis, tetapi dapat mencakup juga pembelian Keanggotaan.
  3. Keanggotaan ini adalah untuk layanan digital kami, Klub Lingumi, dan dibayar secara berlangganan.
  4. Keanggotaan Klub Lingumi bersifat digital, dan tidak mencakup atau menjamin penyediaan produk fisik apa pun.
  5. Produk fisik tersedia dari waktu ke waktu yang dapat dibeli secara terpisah di toko kami, tetapi bukan merupakan bagian layanan yang disediakan atau dapat digunakan dari Klub Lingumi.
  6. Pembatalan dapat dilakukan, dan kami berusaha untuk memudahkan prosesnya. Anda dapat membatalkan dengan beberapa cara, termasuk melalui Aplikasi kami atau melalui Email. Rincian lengkapnya disertakan di bawah ini, dan mungkin juga tercantum dalam area 'Bantuan' di Situs kami.
  7. Harga bervariasi berdasarkan lokasi dan waktu pembelian, dan informasi harga lengkap dapat ditemukan di Situs kami saat proses pembelian Keanggotaan, atau di Aplikasi kami.
  8. Kami tidak menangani sendiri informasi pembayaran Anda. Namun, informasi tersebut ditangani oleh pemroses pembayaran aman pihak ketiga.
  9. Anda dapat menghubungi kami kapan saja untuk meminta klarifikasi tentang ketentuan kami. Kami berusaha untuk menanggapi semua permintaan informasi dengan cepat dan akurat.


  1. このポリシーは,当社がお客様にサービス,製品を提供するにあたり,お客様のデータの収集,取り扱いの方法に対して適用されます。当社のサイトまたはアプリでプライバシーポリシーをご覧ください。
  2. Lingumiの登録には,当社のサイトまたはアプリでのアカウント作成を含みます。登録は無料ですが,メンバーシップの購入が発生することがあります。
  3. メンバーシップとは,当社のデジタルサービスであるClub Lingumiについてのものであり,これはサブスクリプション形式で課金され,物理的な製品の提供は含まれず,またそれをお約束することもありません。
  4. 物理的な製品は,当社のショップにおいて,単品で購入可能となることがありますが,Club Lingumiの提供または使用に必要となるものではありません。
  5. キャンセルは可能であり,当社はキャンセルが簡単にできるように努めます。当社のアプリ経由,Eメール経由など,複数の方法でキャンセルすることができます。詳細については,以下にすべてを記載しており,当社のサイトの「ヘルプ」に記載されることもあります。
  6. 価格は購入する場所および時間によって変わります。すべての価格情報は,当社のサイトのメンバーシップ購入プロセス,または当社のアプリでご確認いただけます。
  7. お客様の支払い情報は,当社では取り扱わず,サードパーティーの安全な決済業者が取り扱います。
  8. お客様は,いつでも当社に連絡し,当社の規約についての説明を求めることができます。当社は,あらゆる情報開示のリクエストに対して迅速かつ正確に対応するように努めます。

주요 정보 요약

  1. 본 정책은 당사가 귀하에게 제공하는 서비스와 제품에 적용됩니다. 당사가 귀하의 데이터를 수집하고 처리하는 방식에 관한 개인정보 보호정책을 읽으시려면 당사의 웹사이트 또는 앱에서 개인정보 보호정책을 확인하십시오.
  2. Lingumi 가입 시 당사의 웹사이트 또는 앱에서 계정을 생성하게 됩니다. 가입은 무료지만, 멤버십 구매가 포함될 수 있습니다.
  3. 멤버십은 당사의 디지털 서비스 Club Lingumi에 적용되는 유료 구독 서비스입니다.
  4. Club Lingumi 멤버십은 디지털 서비스이며, 어떠한 물질적 제품의 제공을 포함하거나 보장하지 않습니다.
  5. 물질적 제품은 가끔 당사의 상점에서 별도로 구매할 수 있지만, Club Lingumi 서비스 제공 또는 사용의 일부로 필요하지는 않습니다.
  6. 멤버십은 취소할 수 있으며, 당사는 간단한 절차를 통해 취소하실 수 있도록 최선을 다하고 있습니다. 멤버십은 앱 또는 이메일을 포함한 여러 방법을 통해 취소할 수 있습니다. 전체 내용은 아래에 안내되어 있으며, 웹사이트의 '도움말' 메뉴에서도 확인하실 수 있습니다.
  7. 멤버십 비용은 구매 지역과 시점에 따라 달라지며, 전체 비용 정보는 멤버십 구매 과정 중 웹사이트나 앱에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.
  8. 귀하의 결제 정보는 당사가 직접 처리하지 않고, 제3자 보안 결제 처리업체에 의해 처리됩니다.
  9. 약관에 대한 자세한 설명이 필요하시면 언제든 문의해 주시기 바랍니다. 모든 정보 요청에 빠르고 정확하게 대응할 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.


  1. 1.1. 本協議對我們向您提供的服務與產品作出規定。如需閲讀有關我們如何采集並處理您個人數據的《私隱政策》,請在我們的網站或應用程式導航中,查找我們的《私隱政策》。
  2. 1.2. 在Lingumi注冊,需要在我們的網站或應用程式中注冊一個賬戶。注冊本身免費,但是會涉及購買會員身份。
  3. 1.3. 會員身份可享受我們的數字化服務並參與Club Lingumi,同時還可通過訂購模式付費。
  4. 1.4. Club Lingumi 會員采用數字化形式,不涉及亦不保證提供任何實物產品。
  5. 1.5. 我們的商店不時會單獨推出實物產品,但并不一定構成Club Lingumi 供應或使用的一部分。
  6. 1.6. 可以取消,并且我們致力於簡化取消流程。您可以通過我們的應用程式或是電子郵件等形式進行取消。詳情如下。在我們網站的"幫助"欄中亦有説明。
  7. 1.7. 價格因購買地點和時間而不同,在我們的網站或應用程式購買會員身份過程中,可看到完整的定價信息。
  8. 1.8. 我們不會處理您的支付信息。支付信息由第三方安全支付處理方負責。
  9. 1.9. 您可以隨時聯絡我們,以澄清有關條款。我們會盡力及時回復您,並準確提供所有您需要的信息。