Why should you join Lingumi as a digital pre-school teacher? 6 reasons to apply

At Lingumi, our mission is to bring the world's best teaching experience to pre-school children around the world, through technology. We believe that every child deserves to begin learning critical skills - like how to speak, read, and write English - during their critical pre-school years. However, most children do not have the privilege of an amazing teaching or access to amazing kindergartens, whether because of their parents' level of wealth, location, or background. At Lingumi, we're changing that. By building amazing technology, we help bring an amazing teaching experience into pre-schoolers homes all around the world. And we're looking for our second teacher to come and join our mission.

This is more than a job. It's a life mission for passionate teachers who want to make an impact on the world.
Teaching some of my students in Taipei, November 2019

I co-founded Lingumi after spending thousands of hours teaching English as a Foreign Language in classrooms in Russia and Italy.

I loved teaching my students, but in a busy month, I could teach 400 classes, and it was exhausting. I didn't have enough time to prepare great lessons, didn't feel I was making a big impact on the world, and wanted to help more children.

Now, through the Lingumi app, as 'Teacher Toby', my course reaches hundreds of thousands of kids each month. Every morning when I wake up, I've already taught over 20,000 lessons!

For our next course, we want to teach children the foundations of reading and writing before they reach the classroom, to help them get a great, pedagogically-robust head start in life. And that's where you come in!

6 reasons to apply to be a Lingumi teacher

Teaching some of my learners in real life in Taipei, November 2019

1. Make a global impact through your teaching

Every month, you'll teach tens, then hundreds, of thousands of children. We call it 'asynchronous teaching': together with our team, you'll design the world's best Curriculum, record video content, create amazing learning games with our engineers, and then test and publish the course. By building that, you'll empower millions of families to learn from you at a very low cost, helping solve a big global problem, while bringing your unique charisma and teaching style around the world.

I'll be honest. This is more than a job. It's a life mission for passionate teachers who want to make an impact..

2. Build a 'Teacher Brand'

I'm not a big social media user in my personal life, but as 'Teacher Toby', I've got over 50,000 followers on my social media channels in China and Taiwan (where my course focuses), who follow me to learn more about how to get their children speaking English early. That's an amazing opportunity: I feel like I'm positively influencing how parents approach a problem, reducing confusion and improving access to quality pedagogy. There are perks to it, too: the Lingumi marketing team supports the running of those channels so I'm not overwhelmed by it, and I even got 'spotted' by the mother of a young Lingumi user while on a day off on a trip to Taipei last year, asking for a selfie!

3. Financial Freedom

One of the major challenges I've heard from teachers is that being a classroom or nursery teacher is financially unrewarding, given the passion, time investment, and sweat and tears that go into being a great teacher! Teachers deserve more, and at Lingumi, you will get it. As well as a comfortable salary, we'll give you shares in the company, and, above all, an additional bonus each year as your course grows on our platform. My own course is driving over a million pounds a year in sales to happy customers; while I don't take a share in that myself (I'm the CEO of the business too!), I am working with our team on a programme that will let our future teachers achieve amazing financial freedom, as well as time freedom, through building an incredible course. In return, we're looking for mission-driven teachers who want to grow their impact and brand through Lingumi over many years to come, and help achieve our mission.

4. Travel the World and Connect with your Learners

One of the many amazing things about my job is getting to travel the world to meet the young learners taking my course on the Lingumi platform. From Chengdu to Taipei, I've met hundreds of families whose lives we're changing, and whose children we're delighting, through our product. You'll have the opportunity to travel regularly, hosting live events and meetups and seeing the impact of your work with your own eyes.

5. Design your Curriculum

Instead of spending all of your time delivering lessons, this role gives you plenty of time in the day to think about the design of your curriculum, working with the Product team to continue to improve it, using user feedback, data, and your own research and experience. You'll be dedicated to building a great course, great parental training material, and amazing additional learning videos and content for the kids you teach.

6. Work in a technology startup & team

Come and join the exciting, high-pace world of startups, without giving up on what you're passionate about! In this role, you're joining our team, full-time: that means working in this wonderful environment, while having the flexibility around work-from-home that comes with a role at Lingumi. You'll be working regularly with our product team, with me, and with our marketing team to create and grow your course, and your brand, as part of Lingumi.

Being a Lingumi teacher has changed my life forever. It's something I never want to stop doing, and I've grown more than I could imagine. Come and join me - it'll change your life, too.

To find out more about the role and submit an application, click here to see the job description.

Co-founder, CEO

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